From the East to the World crafting Global Legacies since 1994.

In the heart of eastern India, Tandhan began in 1994, not merely as a business entity but as a vision. That vision, today, has expanded beyond borders, cultures, and sectors, metamorphosing into a global conglomerate recognized in over 25 countries. Anchored in tradition and propelled by global aspirations, we're not only building businesses; we're sculpting the future, with our workforce of 800-1000 employees pushing us forward.
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  • 29+
    Years Of Experience
  • 20+
    Country Presence
  • 2000+
    Total Workforce
  • 3000+
    clients served

Our Brands

Our Global Presence: Beginning in the vibrant landscapes of eastern India, Tandhan's reach now extends to nearly 25 countries. From the bustling markets of Dubai to the shores of South Africa, to even more remote locations like Myanmar, our presence signifies an unwavering quest for excellence. As our journey continues, fueled by aspirations of expanding to Australia, UK, Europe, and Latin America, we remain grounded to our origins while dreaming globally.