Building the Future Across 25 Countries and Counting.
Discover Tandhan's Global Footprint.

Industrial &
Agricultural Goods

Born from the fertile plains of Eastern India in 1994, our journey has now spanned major countries worldwide, revolutionizing industrial and agricultural products. Tandhan prioritizes innovation, quality, and sustainability, establishing itself as the top tarpaulin manufacturer and a top 5 exporter of agricultural products in India.

World-leading polymeric products, including our BIS-approved tarps.

Unwavering commitment to sustainability using pure virgin raw materials.

State-of-the-art manufacturing, highlighted by our introduction of Gen-z machines.


As a top 5 exporter of batteries in India, our power solutions are illuminating and energizing continents. Dedicated to illuminating homes, communities, and industries sustainably.

Comprehensive solutions in both conventional and renewable energy.

Tailored power solutions for
diverse needs.

#1 energy exporter and distributor in countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh.


Our ventures in the hospitality industry symbolize a commitment to creating lasting memories. From hotels to fine dining, we stand for global standards of service and excellence.

Premium hotels with top-tier amenities.

Exquisite dining experiences offering culinary adventures.

Incorporation of local culture for authentic experiences.


Blending tradition with innovation, our textile ventures, especially Tandhan Denim- ranked among the top 5 in production capacity in India, showcase a rich tapestry of quality, craftsmanship, and global fashion standards.

A vast product range, from traditional to contemporary.

Ethical and sustainable production practices, rooted in our values.

Superior materials ensure utmost comfort, aligning with our vision of excellence.


Being the No1 exporter and distributor in regions like Myanmar and Bangladesh, we pioneer distributorship, delivering top-tier products and technologies to global consumers.

Premium partnerships with industry giants globally.

Offering a wide spectrum of efficient, long-lasting products.

Our expansive distribution networks serve over 2500-3000 clients across the Tandhan Group.

Real Estate

Our architectural feats in real estate emphasize luxury, comfort, and eco-centric living, echoing our vision for the future.

Premium properties for residential and commercial needs.

Emphasis on green building practices.

Innovative designs blending aesthetics and functionality.


Bridging over 25 countries, our import/export ventures, as a top 5 exporter of agricultural products in India, foster connections, ensuring a seamless trading experience globally.

A diverse product range catering to various industries and sectors.

Streamlined supply chain management.

Upholding our commitment to global trading standards, reflecting our values of integrity and transparency.

Synergies & Collaborative Advantages

Tandhan's diverse business verticals, from our ISO 9001 2016 certified ventures to our BIS approved products, do not operate in isolation.
Inter-sector Collaboration
Our textiles vertical benefits from the sustainable materials produced by our industrial sector. Likewise, our real estate projects frequently incorporate power solutions from our energy sector.
With a presence in countries from Afghanistan to Germany, our cross-border collaborations are vast, benefiting sectors from hospitality to import/export.
Shared Knowledge & Resources
As we constantly innovate, technologies and insights adopted in one sector find relevance in another. A clear example is the new designs and technology we've brought to the tarpaulin sector.
Despite varied businesses, our vision of 'building the future' keeps all sectors aligned, working towards global excellence and making impactful contributions.
The Tandhan Edge

Understanding Tandhan isn't just about acknowledging our extensive portfolio; it's about recognizing the unique qualities that set us apart in the manufacturing industry. Here are the essential factors that distinguish Tandhan:

  • Vertical Integration One of Tandhan's most distinctive features is our unwavering commitment to vertical integration. Our range spans from denim production to cutting-edge fashion design and from the intricacies of tarpaulin manufacturing to the precision of battery crafting. This end-to-end control over the manufacturing process, held entirely in-house, guarantees unmatched quality control. It also ensures that we're nimble-footed in adapting to industry shifts, consistently delivering products that set the benchmark.
  • Innovation Hub Innovation isn't just a buzzword for us - it's ingrained in our organizational DNA. Tandhan's dedicated innovation hub stands as a testament to our commitment to push boundaries. It has been the powerhouse behind ground-breaking eco-friendly denim techniques, the birthplace of next-gen energy storage solutions, and the creator of avant-garde materials for tarpaulins and shed nets.
  • Sustainability Commitment Our pledge to the environment transcends basic responsibilities. Beyond our eco-friendly manufacturing methods, Tandhan prides itself on being a zero-waste facility. Our endeavors include championing circular fashion drives, leveraging recycled materials, and steadfastly supporting renewable energy sources to fuel our operations.
  • Customer-Centric Approach The bedrock of Tandhan's enduring success lies in our innate ability to truly understand and surpass customer expectations. Our ethos revolves around crafting bespoke solutions—a tight-knit collaboration with clients to manifest their visions. Be it specialized denim designs, customized energy solutions, or specific tarpaulin requirements, our mission is to tailor every product to its intended purpose seamlessly.
  • Community Empowerment Tandhan transcends the confines of being a mere manufacturing powerhouse; we are pillars of the community. Our dedication to social responsibility resonates through endeavors like vocational training initiatives and our unwavering support during disaster relief operations. We aren't just about business; we're about making meaningful, positive contributions to the societies we touch.
  • Global Reach, Local Touch Tandhan's expanse may touch international shores, but our heart remains local. Our subsidiaries, while reaching global markets, remain deeply entrenched within their native communities. This dual approach ensures our products are globally competent while retaining a local essence, facilitating enduring bonds with both customers and partners.
  • Agile Learning Culture The journey of growth at Tandhan is perpetual. We ardently promote a culture where continuous learning is the norm. Every member is encouraged to innovate, acquire new skills, and perennially challenge their boundaries. This culture ensures we remain abreast of evolving industry nuances and technological shifts, always staying a step ahead.