Dhaka Power Traders (Bangladesh)
Your trusted distributor in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of consumer goods and commodities with a commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.

San Taing Kyaw Company Limited (Myanmar)
Serving as Myanmar's leading supplier of luminous power technologies, batteries, and more, our expansive distribution network ensures quality and reliability.

Global Power Traders (Sudan)
Making inroads into Africa, Global Power Traders focuses on bringing premium products to the Sudanese market, backed by our reputation for quality and reliability.

Power Global Traders (Dubai)
An extension of our distribution strength in the Middle East, Power Global Traders specializes in diverse product categories, creating a seamless trading experience in Dubai.

Rainbow Power Solutions (South Africa)
Offering a spectrum of power solutions in South Africa, we focus on sustainable energy systems that are as reliable as they are eco-friendly.

Simplified Solar Solutions (Kenya)
Energizing Kenya with innovative, cost-effective solar solutions. Simplified Solar Solutions is a champion for renewable energy, driving sustainability while empowering communities.

Premium partnerships with industry giants globally.

Offering a wide spectrum of efficient, long-lasting products.

Our expansive distribution networks serve over 2500-3000 clients across the Tandhan Group.