About Us

The Tandhan Tapestry

Woven over two spirited decades since our inception in 1994, our tale unfurls from the soulful corners of Eastern India. With deep roots in sectors like Tandhan Polyplast and Tandhan Cotton, leading the way in production capacity, our tapestry extends to over 25 countries including Afghanistan, Sudan, and Germany. From local grounds to global arenas, our story is rich, colorful, and ceaselessly expanding, echoing the dreams of visionaries, and the spirit of innovators. Whether it's the resilience displayed during challenging times such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the vast array of products in the Agriculture department, we've left our mark.
Values that Guide Our Odyssey
  • Integrity More than just a word, it's our compass, guiding us with accountability and transparency through the intricate mazes of global enterprise.
  • Innovation In every thread we spin, be it in introducing new tarpaulin designs or venturing with advanced Gen-Z machines, lies a heart that beats for the new, the novel, and the next.
  • Sustainability A promise to Mother Earth. Every step we take, every move, from using pure virgin raw material to manufacturing eco-friendly products, is a dance with nature, ensuring the music plays on for eons.
  • Excellence Our beacon. Our quest. Our non-negotiable, as evidenced by our top rankings and certifications like ISO 9001 2016 and BIS.
  • Customer Centricity Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, engage, and tailor our solutions to provide the best possible experience.
  • Diversity & Inclusivity We celebrate diversity and create an inclusive environment that values the unique contributions of our employees, partners, and customers.
  • Agile Learning We promote a culture of continuous learning, where every challenge is an opportunity to grow, evolve, and innovate.
Our Quest

To stand at crossroads where innovation meets impact. To harness the myriad colors of our global distribution expertise, painting a future that's as vibrant as it is viable, always driven by ethical standards.

Gazing at Tomorrow

"Building the Future" isn't just our vision; it's our mantra. As we eye expansion into territories like Australia, UK, and Mexico over the next 2-3 years, in the vast canvas of global business, we're the artists sketching a world where enterprise echoes empathy and ambition meets altruism. As we craft industry-defining products, our vision is clear: to lead with unwavering quality, champion sustainability, and foster a connected world. A world where ambition resonates with collaboration and lasting impact.

A Symphony of Relationships

Our partners, our teams, our clientele – ranging from the 700 in TPPL to 100 in GPT and the vibrant force behind Tandhan Denim – they're not just stakeholders; they're the notes in our grand symphony. Together, with a collective workforce nearing 3000, we're crafting melodies of mutual growth and unparalleled harmony.

Green at Heart

From the loom to the lamp, our endeavors whisper tales of responsibility. Whether it's the eco-embrace of our textiles or the green pulse of our power ventures like the Tandhan Foundation NGO's eco-initiatives, our heart beats in shades of sustainability.

Embark with Us
Join us as we sail into uncharted waters, guided by stars of innovation and winds of change, venturing into new horizons with units like Tandhan Denim. Be part of a journey where every horizon promises new adventures, where diversity thrives, and where every dawn heralds a brighter day.
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