FMJ Sarees Private Limited
FMJ Sarees brings you an exclusive range of intricately designed sarees, setting the benchmark for quality and style in the textile industry.

Jalan Sarees Private Limited
Established in 1997, Jalan Sarees stands as a stalwart in clothing manufacturing, supplying both domestic and international markets with its timeless designs.

Tandhan Fashions Private Limited
Your destination for high-end fashion, Tandhan Fashions synthesizes traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, offering a seamless blend of quality and design.

Tandhan Cotton Mills Private Limited
Launched in 2023, Tandhan Cotton Mills pushes the envelope in the denim market, using advanced weaving techniques and quality materials to craft enduring and fashionable denim products.

A vast product range, from traditional to contemporary.

Ethical and sustainable production practices, rooted in our values.

Superior materials ensure utmost comfort, aligning with our vision of excellence.